Peterborough Audiocraft Festival

Join us for the Peterborough Audiocraft Festival: an event series for skill sharing and celebrating the craft of independent radio and podcast makers in Peterborough, Ontario.

Over the course of the festival, ten indie audio workers, hobbyists, and enthusiasts will open the doors into their home studios: sharing technical skills and insights into their creative process.

The festival will take place virtually during the week of March 22, 2021 over Zoom video conferencing and Youtube.

The Peterborough Audiocraft Festival is free to attend! Thanks to our event sponsors: #RisingYouth community service grants, and the City of Peterborough.

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Check back soon for our festival schedule.

Register for each event to join the live audience where you can ask questions in the live Q&A, or watch our livestream videos on our Youtube channel.


The Peterborough Audiocraft Festival is made possible through a #RisingYouth community service grant, and a City of Peterborough community project grant. 

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Audiocraft festival poster by AKB