Types of Membership

Hobbyist $25 per year, plus $25 for hosting if needed
Commercial $250 per year, hosting included
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Member Benefits

The Short Version

As a member you become a part of Peterborough Independent Podcasters – a community of passionate audio creators, and you can mobilize this community to create interesting projects.

Plus, we offer technical support for podcast production. We take care of the web hosting fuss, and then we provide you with guidance to lift any absolute beginner up to the heights of podcasting.

The Nitty Gritty

  1. Membership in the organization
  2. Web hosting
  3. Music licensing
  4. Access to pro audio editing software
  5. Skill development
  6. Community


Members in good-standing are full participants in the Peterborough Independent Podcasters organization. This means you can vote in our Annual General Meeting; you can propose and teach workshops; you can organize get togethers for podcasters; and take on community projects with PIP’s support.

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Web hosting

Putting podcasts on the internet can be tricky. Many hosting options put limits on downloads and storage space. We’ve taken all the trouble out of the process of putting your episodes online. Uploading your work is easy, and sharing it is even easier!

Digital audio workstations

There are many good options for free or low-cost audio editing software out there, which we are happy to provide workshops on. We can help you pick the software and hardware that is right for you and teach you how to use it.

Skill development

Through workshops and one-on-one mentoring, we can help you with any point of the process you’re stuck at. Whether it’s idea development, figuring out how to get tape, how to mix and use software, or how to get your podcast online, we can help.

Check out our Events page for a list of our upcoming workshops.


By joining PIP you’re joining a community of audio artists who are all learning, experimenting, and putting themselves out there. As a community, we support and help each other.