We’re a growing organization and we’re always looking for help! Here are some of the roles that we need filled:

Volunteer Listener

Do you like listening to podcasts? Do you like being friendly and helpful? Well this is the intersection of listening and saying nice things.

Volunteer listeners will be responsible for listening to new podcast episodes and offering constructive feedback.

As your mentors, we will provide new volunteers with guidance on how to provide good feedback, and all your feedback will go through us before it gets to the podcasters (so you don’t have to worry about hurting anyone’s feelings if you think their intro is just a little creepy or something).

Additionally, if you think a podcaster has done some stellar work on a particular episode or series, you can bring it to our attention and we can provide a special highlight of that podcaster’s work.

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Event Helper

We run a bunch of workshops and events, and it’s always nice having an extra pair of hands around to make those run smoother.

As an event helper, you’ll get a chance to attend workshops for free, get a chance to work with attendees to help them with anything they’re struggling with, and learn how to run events on your own – and if you can run an event on your own, you’ll get some sweet sweet cash.

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Newsletter Master

Do we have a newsletter? No. Do we need one? Maybe!

If the right person can help us organize a monthly or quarterly online newsletter full of nice images and pretty words, then we may one day have a charming newsletter. Our goal is to have a newsletter that is also a place for our members and volunteers to contribute, so managing submissions will be essential to the process.

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There can be only one.

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