Angelica volunteers at Clubs and Groups Day
Angelica, a PIP board member 2018-19, volunteers at Clubs and Groups Day

We’re a growing organization and we’re always looking for help! Volunteers are eligible for a partial or full discount on their PIP Membership fees upon completion of a negotiated amount of hours.

We are very happy to accommodate folks with disabilities – if you would like to help out but have concerns about your ability to complete the tasks, please get in touch anyway! We can certainly work something out.

Here are some of the roles that we need filled:

Podcast Accessibility Volunteer

Join our Podcast Accessibility Team – help people with disabilities access podcasts and create their own as part of this group.


  • intermediate-advanced computer skills
  • basic computer troubleshooting skills
  • a laptop you are willing to bring each week
  • patience

You should have a basic understanding of what a podcast is and where to download them.

Time commitment is 2 hours every Saturday from 2:00-4:00 p.m.

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Event Helper

We run a bunch of workshops and events, and it’s always nice having an extra pair of hands around to make those run smoother.

As an event helper, you’ll get a chance to attend workshops for free, get a chance to work with attendees to help them with anything they’re struggling with, and learn how to run events on your own.

Time commitment is 2-4 hours once every two months.

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Marketing Assistant

Got a love for social media? How about posters – love those fabulous scraps of paper? We’re looking for a couple volunteers who can help us get the word out about PIP.


  • Post on Facebook
  • Post on Instagram
  • Create a Twitter
  • Design posters
  • Put up posters

Make some memes, make some friends, maybe make a podcast!

If some or all of the tasks above appeal to you, get in touch.

Time commitment is 1 hour every week or 2 hours biweekly on Saturday from 2:00-4:00 p.m.

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Board member

Join our fabulous board of directors and help with the oversight and governance of the not-for-profit organization that is PIP.

Time commitment is 2 hours once a month for board meetings, plus any additional work that may be required. Board members sit for a one-year term and can stand for re-election at the Annual General Meeting.

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There can be only one.

Time commitment is eternal.

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