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Peterborough Independent Podcasters is a community that helps members find their voice and get that voice into people’s ears. Right now we offer mentoring, workshops, and web hosting. In the near future, we’re hoping to have an audio tool library set up for affordable equipment rentals.

If you’re making a podcast and find yourself stuck, we can help!

Based in lovely Peterborough, Ontario, we have members from here to Sudbury – and we’d love to expand our reach.

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What We Do


As a member you become a part of Peterborough Independent Podcasters – a community of passionate audio creators, and you can mobilize this community to create interesting projects.

Plus, we offer technical support for podcast production. We take care of the web hosting fuss, and then we provide you with guidance to lift any absolute beginner up to the heights of podcasting.

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Our Programs

Podcast Production Resources

PIP members can access recording and production studio space at Trent Radio during select times of the week. *on hiatus due to COVID-19*

Accessibility Drop-In

Need help uploading your podcast or accessing podcasting material? Drop by our Podcast Accessibility Drop-In time and work with a volunteer to upload your program. This space is available to any who identifies as having a disability.

Office Hours

Office Hours are a time for general inquiries, chats and questions.

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