Make a Podcast!

 Make a Podcast!

Join our members for only $25 a year plus $25 for hosting, and we can help get you started creating and publishing beautiful podcasts and audio art. Email us at info at ptbopodcasters dot ca. Here’s how we help:

1) Podcast idea development

Passion makes a great podcast.  If you are a huge nerd or lover of something, chances are you are not alone – and it’ll make a great show.

From drawing inspirations from your interests to brainstorming formats, we are here to help you tell the best stories possible with friendly one-on-one mentoring from professional storytellers and teachers.

Many of our workshops focus on the art of audio storytelling, building you up from the basics to the professional techniques used in every compelling narrative. Learn how to tell, learn how to ask, and learn how to listen!

2) Audio crafting education

What’s a good story without great audio? Learn the craft of audio collection, correction, and connection through our regular workshops.

You may be surprised that there are some really great, low-cost microphones on the market – including many that are compatible with smart phones. And when you’re ready to step up your game, we’ll help you find just the right hardware to tease out the best sound for your podcast.

But a memory card full of audio isn’t quite enough. Mixing that audio requires patience, love, and a little bit of software and know-how. Luckily, we are super pleased to offer software access through our partner, Peterborough’s own Sadleir House Media Lab, which offers our members a suite of professional software. As well as production space at Trent Radio at certain times of the week.

3) Publishing your masterpiece

For our members, we offer web-hosting for an additional $25 per year and guidance with the podcast publication process. Hosted members get a lovely, easily customized WordPress site, and unlimited hosting for their podcast episodes.

One-on-one and through workshops, you can beef up your WordPress skills and learn the ins and outs of getting your podcast up on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play.

And even for non-members, we’re happy to point you at options for posting your content online through third-party websites.

Oh! And don’t worry if you don’t live in Peterborough. We’re happy to help even from afar. Most of our events and social gatherings, however, are based in lovely Peterborough, Ontario. So if you can, join us!

Photo credit: Nic Furlong